"As a first time mom that comes from a family of formula feeders, I was pretty lost and overwhelmed when it came time to breastfeed my son. We also had problems during labor which led to my milk taking a long time to come in. Keleigh gave me the assistance, advice, and support that I could not find in the hospital or from anyone else. She was extremely dedicated to helping my son gain weight and would often contact me to check on us or to tell me about something new she discovered that could help. I do not think I would successfully be breastfeeding my son today if I had not worked with her."

-Jessica, Ypsilanti, MI

"Keleigh was extremely helpful in assisting my husband and I in the days and weeks after my first son's birth.  After a long and difficult labor, followed by a C-Section, my son was unable to efficiently latch on and nurse.  She used her years of experience and motherly way to help us to problem solve and determine the best way to keep my milk coming in, and our son breastfeeding.  Keleigh used time proven as well as out of the box ideas to ensure that our son received only breastmilk.  She understood the importance of the bonding that takes place between mother and baby in these early days, and offered many helpful suggestions to conserve my energy, and increase my comfort.  Keleigh helped us with more efficient pumping by pointing out the need for a better fitting flange, and suggested one that was both better at pumping as well as more comfortable.   She also helped us to determine that our son was both having problems with latch, as well as I was having milk supply issues caused by the C-Section; and gave us pointers on how to improve these.  Keleigh was also very well connected in the area, and gave us advice on where to go for supplies, as well as additional help.   She understood the importance of breastfeeding and breastmilk, and did everything she could to ensure that my son would thrive.  Thanks to Keleigh's guidance, I am proud to say, that my son did not have to have anything other than breastmilk.   I am happy to report, that 3 months after birth, my son is in the 98th percentile for his size and is nursing well!  Thank you Keleigh!"

-Mary, Ann Arbor, MI

"I am a doula in the SE Michigan & NW Ohio area and have relied on Keleigh over many years to solve my client's breastfeeding problems. She is always so right on in problem solving and is the first place I turn with my questions (even before Google!). I recommend her highly as a kind of Dr. House of lactation . . . except not so ornery. She is always a caring support with wonderful counseling skills."

-Dyan, Toledo, OH

In Keleigh Lee, one has a wonderful and rare combination -  a brilliant mind that loves to learn, a great passion for everything breastfeeding, and extensive personal experience.  Keleigh consistently delivers the sort of care that moms need - gentle, thoughtful,  respectful, practical, and focused on solutions that work for families.  Her upbeat and positive advice has beautifully served my midwifery clients & store customers for years!

-Beth, Indigo Forest owner, Ann Arbor, MI